KOL.TEAM is a global talents booking & management agency headquartered in Hong Kong, South Korea, Russia and, the United Kingdom. Our primary goal is to connect brands with talents and help personalities from endorsement commercials, 360 deal bookings, to casting and auditions.

KOL.TEAM is also Generation Z market focused firm, who enables public figures to achieve their greatness with accreditation, festival themed personalities, and specific targeted sponsorship.

Our Focus:

  • Develops a democratic gateway for public figures to achieve their greatness at all levels.

  • Maximises the effectiveness for clients with traceable data analytics.

  • Aims to increase media responsibilities in society among the industry.

  • Focuses at the Generation Z (born 1995 or after) targeted promotions.

  • Supports the local and young creatives with our BBO X FOMO MCN Trainee Scheme.


Since launching in Jan 2019, we have noticed a large interest in:

  • Beauty & Cosmetic

  • Fashion Brands and Events

  • Food & Beverage

  • Feature Films Marketing

  • Smart Electronics

  • Social Responsibility Awareness